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The cookies we set and why.

Initiated by Google Analytics
NID / _ga / _gat_UA-nnnnn / _gid Google Analytics Google Analytics uses cookies to define user sessions, and to provide a number of reporting features. These cookies are set or updated only to collect the data required for such reports, and are first-party. You can opt out here. On visit Up to 2 Years
Initiated by Vapormatic
vap_key Session tracking Allows you to browse our website content On visit Browser session
Initiated by you
eu_notice EU Cookie Consent Hides the cookie notification message When clicking the cookie noitication close link 1 Year
vap_region Your selected Vapormatic region Is used to determine local products and services When selecting a region 1 Year
Initiated by you when logging in
vap_auth Session authentication token Provides account holding features On visit/login Browser session

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